RPSL - MUM - 094 Valid till 5th Mar 2026.


We offer practical courses for Seafarers for their Personal Career Growth and make them more Efficient And Effective.

Journey from Cadet to Master

Capt. Rachhpal Singh Bajwa

(1983 – 1990) :Commenced Sea Career in 1983 as Deck Cadet with "Barber Ship Management ,Honk Kong" . Severed on General Cargo , Self-Unloader , Containers and VLCC in the position on 2nd officer.(1990 – 2002) :1990 got the opportunity to join “ Dole – Reefer ship Marine Services Ltd” where served on Reefer Ships , Container ships in all ranks including Master.(2002 -Till Date): Continued association with Dole at ashore as their face in India , Hiring , Training and other marine related services.

On-board Environment matters a lot

Many leaders talk about getting the right people on board. We normally don’t have control on that variable but as a leader we focus all our efforts on creating an environment where the people around us can be at their best to tap their highest potential. We take care of our people and build trust. It’s hard to find a leadership book that doesn’t encourage you to “take care of your people”

We believe in making people more productive so they could achieve their highest potential

We want to create a workplace where everyone engages and contributes their full intellectual capacity , a place where people are healthier and happier because they have control over their work – a place where everyone is leader. 19 years at sea and 17 years ashore. Total 36 years Learning experience was about acquiring new skills and knowledge in order to improve existing skills or build a new ones; both of which now like to share with young seafarers which can open up better opportunities , put them on fast track of their career , complete all their assignments safely , successfully and will make them preferred team member in any shipping company at Sea or Ashore. Every human has the potential to do great. We all have a hidden superhero within. All too often , however , that superhero never seas the light of day because of FEAR , Bureaucracy, or insecurities we carry with us. We make it easier for the seafarers to embrace their inner superheroes.